Attention Aviation Business Owners!

Did you know that your Aviation Customers are DESPERATE to do business with you?

They’re literally “scouting” for someone who they trust to do business with.

But first they have to know who you are!

And you have to make that easy for them.

So you’re asking; “How do I do that?”

By “Getting Personal!”

To get personal means telling your story, your real story; maybe the one you’ve never told before.

Your story is unique; but it must be told well.

If it is told well, it will:

• Connect you to your customers in a way that your competition can’t

• Build the trust necessary for them to do business with you

• Eliminate barriers that stop them from making a buying decision

• Create long-term, loyal customers

• Elevate you well above the tired, non-descript cliches of “excellent service, quality this or that, etc.”

This authenticity is rare in today’s business world.

People need to feel safe in order to business with you.

One of the best ways for your customers to feel safe with you is if they know you.

And to know you is to trust you.

Their trust in you will dissolve their hesitation to do business with you.

Why Should You Hire Me to Help You Do This?

I write articles and tell your story in a way that connects you to your customers.

This builds the kind of rapport that will have them buying from you time and again.

As an example, here’s a letter from Janice Barden, past president of Aviation Personnel International

Bert, thank you for your very thoughtful and touching essay published in Aviation International News.

It had a very deep impact on me, something that doesn’t happen often.

Hats off to you.

Janice K Barden, President, Aviation Personnel International

Telling your story well is one of the Most Important Things You Can Do to build trust and compel customers to do business with you!

Give me a call and let me help make that crucial connection between you and your customers.

Take Full Advantage of my:

FREE 1/2 hour Consultation and Evaluation of Your Marketing Message by giving me a call at: 415-320-9811, Toll-Free at: 888-962-3954 or email me at:

Hi, I’m Bert Botta, and I’m an Aviation Marketing Expert and an Experienced Aviation Copywriter.

My specialty is helping you tell your story by writing content that dissolves the resistance between you and your customer. 

The way I tell your story builds the kind of trust and connection that your aviation customers are so desperately looking for.

I do that by writing aviation advertising, called “copywriting,” that connects to your customers emotions – the “personal” part of them – and grabs their attention by speaking directly to the “pain” they’re experiencing in their business lives.

These are the kind of problems that keep them up at night!

My writing holds their attention, gets your message across and makes a call to action that is compelling enough so they know it’s foolish to go any longer without your service or product.

Consider these things when you hire an Aviation Copywriter:

Make sure they:

• Have years of in-depth Aviation experience and speak aviation

• Know the airline and corporate players and their psychological make-up

• Are able to create excitement and desire in your clients for positive, profitable results

• Provide solutions to your clients problems through practical, common sense, advertising copy

• Understand the kind of problems that keeps your clients up at night

• Write powerful copy that engages your clients core emotions and prompts them to take action

• Have proven results and personal, “raving fan” testimonies

• Know how to make the personal “connections” between you and your customer

You get all this and more when you hire me as your Aviation Copywriter because:

  • I command the attention of worldwide airline and corporate aviation executives for your product or service because of my 35 years of real world experience as a Domestic and International captain for TWA and Netjets
  • I know the personality types, likes and dislikes of aviation professionals because I was a Licensed Professional Counselor for the aviation industry for ten years
  • Because of this I’m able to “see into” your clients needs, wants and desires 
  • I have credibility and “expert recognition” as the author of a best selling book, Fast Lane to Faith

If this sounds like something you’re ready for and you want to create a thriving community of customers then Give Me a Call and take me up on my offer below…

Take advantage of my FREE 1/2 hour consultation and evaluation of your marketing message by giving me a call at: 415-320-9811, Toll-Free at: 888-962-3954 or email me at: 

“After all, the most powerful and influential people in the world trusted me with their lives when I flew for Netjets; it only makes sense that you can trust me with your business!”