“You Don’t Have to Wing it Alone!”

Do you feel like you’re “Winging it Alone,” trying to do everything in your business?

Are you passing up business just because you’re too busy to pay attention to your marketing message?

Or you know that something is definitely not right about your message because your customers just don’t respond?

If you can identify with any – or all – of these problems, then Welcome to my Aviation Copywriting Website because I can help!

Hi, I’m Bert Botta, and here’s what you get when you hire me as your Aviation Copywriter:

  • I command the attention of worldwide airline and corporate aviation executives because of my 35 years of real world experience as a captain for TWA and Netjets.
  • You get my “instant credibility” as the author of a best selling book, Fast Lane to Faith
  • Counseling skills that enable me to “see into” your clients emotional needs, wants and desires

Here’s some things to consider when you hire a copywriter. Make sure they:

• Know aviation intimately and ‘speak’ the language

• Have in-depth knowledge of the players

• Write like a “maverick” copywriter who:

• Thinks “outside the envelope”

• Doesn’t just write great copy but provides solutions to your clients problems

• Knows what keeps your clients up at night

• Knows your clients emotions and writes to powerfully evoke those emotions

• Engages your clients with powerful copy that keeps them engaged and returning

• Has proven results and personal, “raving fan” testimonies

• Is a master at facilitating personal “connection” between company and customer

Are you ready to catapult your business higher than ever before by attracting clients who are instantly ready to buy!?

If so, let’s get started by giving me a call at: 415-320-9811, Toll-Free at: 888-962-3954 or email at: bert@bertbotta.com 

“After all, when I flew for Netjets, the most powerful and influential people in the world trusted me with their lives; it only makes sense that you can trust me with your business!”