About Bert

Maybe some of you can relate to this. I hope so because my mom thought it was pretty rude. 

Because I devoured handfuls of ‘funny books’ at the breakfast table as a kid, I learned to read before I even got to kindergarten.

When I did this I discovered I loved using words to create excitement and adventure in my life and the lives of others.

In addition to the funny books, I also learned a lot about words by reading the back of the cereal packages while I was eating!

Unfortunately, Mom never did get me to break this habit!

As a result of this kind of “research” I learned the power of words and later on I won more than a few spelling bees in school.

With a few exceptions, I grew up in a pretty stable, loving home in San Francisco. (You can read about the exceptions in my book, www.FastLanetoFaith.com

One day my father, a gnarly, tough old Italian, told me that “a kid like me should be ‘seen and not heard!'” (Sound familiar to some of you guys!?)

That shook my self-esteem for a long time; but it didn’t stop me from being heard.

Instead of worrying about not speaking out I turned inside and discovered I could express some pretty deep feelings through writing.

This “inner game” also gave me empathy for people.

It also helped me to see into the feelings of others because of my own pain.

That opened up a desire to help people through my writing.

Later, as an adult, I realized I had a need and a gift to connect with others because that early experience with my pop produced a big “disconnect” in me.

That led to me writing as a way to re-connect with myself and others.

To this day this “inner drive” to connect, massively fuels my life and my writing. 

I felt a real passion to influence others because of this need to connect.

I also found that, like nothing else, writing brought me a tremendous sense of joy and fulfillment.

Over the years I perfected my writing skills.

I realized that the more I wrote from my heart, the more I wrote about the adventure, discovery and joy that my life had become, the more my creativity started to blossom.   

This resulted in a connection with others that I always wanted.

I also found that I deeply influenced others through my writing because of that creativity.

Something else happened: people really liked my writing, related to it and mentioned it to me.

Many years later, after the journey around the world that I wrote about in my book, Fast Lane to Faith, I earned a graduate degree in counseling psychology.

Since then I’ve spent much of my life understanding how we operate and using this insight to write in a way that motivates and inspires people.

I’ve been “living my dream” as a freelance writer for the past 10 plus years. 

Now I’m able to utilize my writing gift to fire up the passions in my clients and readers.

I’m also working as a freelance aviation copywriter, specializing in direct response, email campaigns, landing pages, case studies (industry articles that tell your story) article content, white papers, and blog posts, all aviation related.

Who would have thought that reading the back of a Rice Krispies package as a 7 year old kid would lead to this!

Contact me here at: bert@bertbotta.com or by phone at: 415-320-9811 if I can help you connect with your customers in a way that you’ll keep them for life!

Remember, “You Don’t Have to Wing It Alone!”