BB Citation 7 steps

After leaving TWA a few years earlier, I was hired at Netjets in 2000.

This was my first aircraft at Netjets, the Cessna Citation VII.

It was one of the nicest handling  aircraft I’ve ever flown.

But, unfortunately it wasn’t built for the kind of punishment that daily corporate flying inflicted on it. Netjets later phased it out of their fleet.

~ Bert Botta ~

AWAI-Trained Direct Response Aviation Copywriter



Cell: 415-320-9811


Table of Contents

(1) Letter of Introduction

(2) Past Work/Services I Offer

(3) Professional Training

(4) My Copywriting System

(5) About Bert

(6) What Others Say About Bert

(7) Fees and Services

(8) Contact Information


“You Don’t Have to Wing it Alone!”

Let Me Help Drive Traffic to Your Business by “Personalizing Your Marketing Message!”

Have you noticed? We live in a very disconnected world.

In the article below, The Marketing Power of Personal Connection, I demonstrate how a simple act of human connection has the potential to transform an individuals life.

This kind of connection can also totally transform an organization’s way of doing business.

And increase your profits while you build a loyal customer following in the process!


The #1 rule in today’s business world that is so often overlooked is that your customers want to know who they’re dealing with!

They want to know you because, like the rest of the world, they’re starved for connection.

This is not an exaggeration to say that they’re desperate to connect with you!

All you have to do is make it easy for them! 

If your customers can’t see your face and don’t know who you are, behind your corporate image or company “brand,” you’re missing a ton of business!

“Personalizing” companies is what I do.

Let me help you “personalize” your business by using my 30 years experience of connecting people and building business and personal communities.

This process deepens relationships, builds teamwork, increases communication and puts money in your pocket simply because your customers will “feel good” working with you.

And you want to know what’s really funny?  

Most of the time your customers won’t even know why they’re drawn to work with you! 

This can happen when you simply connect with your customers and put a personal “face” on your business.  

Let’s talk about how we can make that happen.

Take me up on my offer of a FREE 1/2 hour consultation and evaluation of your marketing message (it always ends up being more; I can’t help myself!)

Call me at 415-320-9811 or email me at: for your consultation. 



The Marketing Power of Personal Connection! 

“We’re all looking for meaning in our lives. For aviators it’s often as meaningful, yet relatively short lived, as a flight well conducted; an instrument approach flown down to minimums, in lousy weather, to the completion of a profoundly satisfying flight.

A meaningful relationship during my career at TWA was two crew members passing in the ramp office like ships in the night, yelling a promise over our shoulders to “Let’s get in touch” as we sprinted in opposite directions for our commuter flights home.

A well-intentioned but empty promise if there ever was one.”            

Below is an example of how one man “taking the time to make a connection” had a lasting impact on me.

His action also showed me how that connection has the possibility of transforming the way an organization does business.          

One Saturday afternoon my buddy John and I were out running the trails that weave through the primeval Redwood forests of Mt. Tamalpais, in Marin County, California.                   

We were on our way to visit our friend Roger on one of the hundreds of deer trails that traverse the mountain.            

Roger lived in Muir Woods, a beautiful Redwood forest preserve in the Golden Gate National Recreation Area (GGNRA)            

He was a master carpenter and musician who built a beautiful redwood cabin where he and his wife lived.           

They lived on the last remaining homestead in Muir Woods. When Roger and his wife passed away, his home reverted to the GGNRA.           

Every Sunday he would open his home for a jam session. Many of the musicians of the day, names like Janis Joplin, the Grateful Dead, Jefferson Airplane and many others, showed up to jam with Roger.

As John and I descended the trail, we saw Roger working on the Greyhound bus he was converting into a luxurious touring vehicle for Neil Young, the musician.           

As soon as he saw us round the last turn in the trail, he dropped his tool belt and sprinted into the cabin to put on his running shoes.            

Two minutes later, he stumbled out of the cabin, lacing up his shoes, shouting “Let’s go!” He joined us on the trail for a beautiful 5 miler through the Redwoods.            

To me, he “took the time to make a connection” with us. That seemingly simple act of dropping everything to join us on a run somehow made me feel special, important.

Roger passed away a few years ago. The cabin is gone. The music stopped. But these days, when I descend the mountain into the glen where Roger’s cabin used to be I swear I can still hear the melody of his “joyful spontaneity” resounding in my heart.            

I never forgot him. He taught me a lesson about the power of personal connection.          

Every day, when I’m conscious enough, I attempt to “pay it forward” by remembering to stop long enough to make that connection with another person.

Who knows, I might be making a difference in another person’s life the way Roger made a difference in mine….


 ~ Building Your Business Through the “Personalized” Power of Connection ~

We live in a very disconnected world.

Unfortunately, business today suffers because of this disconnect.

Connected, solid relationships are the key to business and personal success.

Good relationships depend on connections.

Personal connections.

Connections that are meaningful, that have the other persons interests at heart as well as our own.

That means being  open, and being willing for people to really know you. 

As a result of these personalized connections, people quickly learn to “know, like and trust” you.

Personalized connection is my specialty.

But mostly Personalized Aviation Connection.

(I have built connected communities – some people call them “tribes” – in St. Louis, MO, Taos, NM, San Francisco, CA, Marin County, CA and most recently in Petaluma, CA at my local health club.)

Personalized Connection is extremely important because connections build trust in relationships.

And trust sells products and services.

No matter what area of aviation you do business in – aircraft sales, FBO services, charter, aircraft management and more – you need trusted connection, first and foremost.

And these connections create the kind of “raving customers” who will line up to buy from you for a lifetime.

I will build your personalized connections through powerful, compelling, targeted, heartfelt copy – blog posts, press releases, email campaigns, company profiles, white papers, personalized case studies, re-write your under-performing web content – all this that will put a “face” on your business.

Your Benefits from Working with Me

  • A proven track record of high quality, results-oriented, consumer satisfying writing projects.
  • My value system of integrity, accountability, communication, straight talk, punctuality, on-time production, thorough follow-through and personal customer service.
  • But most important, you will have more TIME to enjoy your life, and your family while you focus on running your business and I take care of attracting customers.

For more insight into how building your following builds your business read Seth Godin’s book, Tribes: We Need You to Lead Us’ .


(2) ~ MY PAST WORK ~ 

  • I have written product descriptions and marketing for many Amazon private label product clients. These pieces had to be attractive enough to significantly distinguish my clients’ products from thousands of other similar Amazon products.
  • Designed, created, wrote copy for and marketed my own Amazon private label food product.
  • Many articles of mine have been published in: Aviation International News, InFlightUSA, Airline Pilot Magazine and many other Worldwide Aviation and Training publications.

(Because of my past work for both Aviation International News and InFlightUSA they sent me to NBAA 2015 to cover it for them) Here’s a recent article of mine and the beautiful ad that InFlightUSA created for my Copywriting Services:

  • A best selling book in the marketplace:
  • Guest columnist for the St. Louis (MO) Suburban Journal
  • Columnist, Sedona (AZ) Times
  • Newsletter editor for: TWA Tailwinds (Airline Retirees Group), Taos, New Mexico Motorcycle Club, Tamalpa Runners (Marin County), St. Louis TWA Pilots group.


~ Some Services I Provide ~

I help Business Owners with…

  • Email campaigns that INCREASE PROFITS
  • Landing pages that BUILD YOUR LIST
  • Industry articles that TELL YOUR STORY
  • Sales collateral that TRIGGERS ACTION (i.e. direct mail, white papers, case studies (with personal interviews) advertorials, e-newsletters, press releases, copy critique.



• Completion of the American Writers and Artists International direct response course (AWAI is the industry leader in Copywriter Training)

• Studied and completed many AWAI courses: 2008 AWAI Copywriting Bootcamp, Jay White’s Email Copy Made Easy, Writing Case Studies, Nick Usbourne’s Web Copy 2.0., Joshua Boswell’s Simple Path to Copywriting Success, and Ben Settle’s Email program, The 10 Minute Workday.

• The articles I have written and submitted for publication have always been accepted on the first submission. I have never had a rejection.

My writing draws readers and clients into my stories in a way that entertains them while building their trust and fostering their cooperation.

 I weave compelling, personalized, heartfelt stories into my copy. This writing style charges people emotionally and creates a bond around my material.



(1) After our initial contact, I’ll send you my Copywriting Questionnaire. You can fill it out and return it to me, or if you prefer we can schedule a phone call and I’ll ask you the questions personally.

(2) Once I’ve reviewed your questionnaire, your website and any other relevant information we’ll discuss your goals, message, strategies, and deadlines. I will offer my professional advice and strategize with you.

(3) Next, I’ll send you a Project Proposal and a Terms of Agreement form for you to approve, sign, and return to me.

(4) When I’ve received the signed Proposal and Agreement and your deposit, I will get started. Your requested deadline and an editorial calendar will be outlined in the proposal.

(5) Research: In order to do the kind of in-depth research that your project warrants, I want to know everything possible about you, your business, your customers – anything that can illuminate what I need to get the job done in a way that will attract customers.

My style is face-to-face whenever possible. If that’s not possible, we’ll talk over the phone, via Skype or SatCom in the cabin of your aircraft, whatever means of communication serves you best.

For me it is crucial to interview any and all people who I consider as key to the success of your marketing campaign.

I am rabid about communication. (One of the areas of leadership I teach in my community development work is accountability; communication, goal and timeline setting and follow through)

I will communicate with you regularly, at each stage of your project’s development via the methods mentioned above.

(6) As soon as your copy is ready I will send you the first draft for your review. If revisions are needed, I’ll send you the revised copy by the revision deadlines.

(7) On average allow two to three weeks for completion of your project. If you need to expedite your project I will do my best to accommodate you.

My goal for your business is to attract more “raving fan” customers who are enthusiastic, willing and ready to buy as a result of the stellar copy we create for your marketing campaign.

If you’re not completely satisfied, I’ll rewrite the sections in question or the entire project or email, based on your specific guidelines … at no extra charge.

**NOTE: Revisions must be assigned within 30 days and do not include changes made in the original assignment after copy is submitted.

*** Does not include printing costs or additional writing costs. Additional writing projects will be quoted on an as needed basis.

Ready to Take the First Step?

To Contact me: Bert Botta, Aviation Copywriter. Phone: (415) 320-9811 or email:

My Guarantee: Your copy will be done right and on time. I will learn everything I can about your business, your prospect, your customer/end user, and your competition.

To our mutual success,



(5) ~ ABOUT BERT ~

Bert learned how to read before he even got to kindergarten by devouring a handful of ‘funny books’ every morning before breakfast.

He also learned a lot about words by reading the back of the cereal packages during breakfast! A habit his mom never could break…

He grew up in a pretty stable, loving home in San Francisco, with a few exceptions.

One day his father, a gnarly, tough old Italian, told him that a kid like him should be “seen and not heard!”

You can imagine that shook his self-esteem; but it didn’t stop him from being heard.

Instead of shutting down, he turned inside and discovered he could express some deeply buried emotions through writing.

Later on he realized this gave him an empathy for the pain of others as well as a finely tuned perception for their feelings.

That helped him write in a way that evoked the kind of deep emotions in his readers that he felt in himself.

He also realized he had a need to connect with others because that early experience with his father produced a “disconnect” in him.

He also found out that need to connect developed into a gift to his readers.

To this day this “inner drive” to connect massively fuels his life and his writing.

He also discovered a tremendous sense of joy and fulfillment that comes through in his writing.

Over the years he continued to perfect his writing skills.

He realized that the more he wrote from his heart, the more he wrote about the adventure, discovery and joy that he discovered in aviation, the more his creativity “took flight.”

This helped him to connect with others and influence them in the process.

He also discovered that people really liked his writing and related to it.

Many years later, after the journey around the world that he writes about in Fast Lane to Faith, his book, he earned a graduate degree in counseling psychology.

This gave him more tools to understand and write about the emotional forces that drive, motivate and inspire people.

He’s excited about finally “living the dream” of a freelance aviation writer. Now his writing helps to light the afterburners of passion in his clients and readers.

Bert currently works as a freelance copywriter, specializing in direct response, email campaigns, landing pages, case studies (industry articles that tell your story) article content, white papers, and blog posts.

Who would have thought that reading the back of a Rice Krispies package as a 7 year old kid would lead to this!

Remember, “You Don’t Have to Wing It Alone!” so for more information, contact him at: or by phone at: 415-320-9811 or toll-free at: 888-962-3954



 WOW! That is awesome Bert! I love it! 

Thank you so much for reconstructing my introduction without losing the essence of what I wanted to say.

What you did reminded me of how a great music producer would take a songwriter’s demo of a song in the 60’s, 70’s and 80’s and turn it into a great record without losing the essence of the demo.

You are a talented writer!”

David Bryant – Professional Songwriter and Composer.


 Bert is the real deal when it comes to helping you with your copy.

He gets the job done and is willing to work with you to fine tune it.

I highly recommend his services to anyone who wants to reel in buyers, with compelling copy!

Chuck Harmon, Amazon client


Bert’s copywriting was creative, engaging and impactful to my clients.

I not only enjoyed my time working with him but the turnaround time was swift and the project was in finished form when I received it.

There was no need to rewrite the copy or “tweak” it further.

I would recommend Bert’s copywriting service to anyone who wants their message to be uniquely crafted, and who’s interested in their clients being motivated to take action as a result of reading his copy.”

Joy Tyson, Amazon client


 Bert Botta is helping me so much with my product description. 

I was in need of a native English speaker for that and he was there in less than 20 minutes after my demand. 

Thanks so much my friend.

Unbelievable Amazing Selling Machine Team!

Tim Rausch

Amazon Seller


 Business Associates, Men’s Group Members, Article Readers 

Thank you for your very thoughtful and touching essay published in Aviation International News.

It had a very deep impact on me, something that doesn’t happen often. 

Hats off to you.

Janice K Barden,

President, Aviation Personnel International



Although we have not had the opportunity to meet personally, I certainly connected with that magnificent article you authored on “Soul searching” AIN, November 2001.

I found the high points of your article right on the money…. Mentoring, connection, relatedness, and your recommendations for building aviator soul.

I’m looking forward to meeting you in person,

Les Bufferd


Bert, I just finished reading your article in AIN and wanted to tell you that it was appreciated by me.

It says a lot of things that my wife and I discuss as we go farther into this career/lifestyle.

I am 29 years old and fly Saab 340s for Mesaba airlines. I have been there almost one year.

Prior to that, I was a flight instructor and a business professional before becoming a professional pilot.

Again, thanks for writing your piece.

Maybe one day I’ll see you on the road.

Terry R Rhew,

F/O Mesaba Airlines


Hey Bert:

I just read your article in AIN on page 38.

Absolutely Brilliant (as the Brits say).

We met in recurrent last year, if my memory serves correct??

Gold star for the very important thoughts put down on paper.

Keep up the good work,

Sam Flower


Bert has the unique ability to put his heart and soul into creating the exact language needed to effectively communicate to your audience with passion the who what and why you do what you do for a living. 

His approach is that’s it’s not just a job it’s a lifestyle and this will come across in your copy.

Brent Coffey, Entrepreneur, Mobile App Designer,

Novato, CA


Bert has superb acuity skills and great people skills.

He understands individuals strengths and weaknesses with insight into their abilities.

He has a great understanding of the mechanics of how and why things work.

He has a tremendous ability to encourage, lead and teach others.

John Rucker, Construction Company owner

Novato, CA


Bert has an honest and open heart.

He has deep emotional literacy.

He also has access to his soul and he’s willing to share it with others.

When working with others, he provides a safe environment and has good accountability.

Rick Broniec, Leadership Trainer

San Diego, CA


Bert is what Malcom Gladwell calls “A Connector.”

He forms many, many more relationships than most people have either the inclination or the capacity for. 

He stays in touch with them, and is influential with them well beyond any material benefit to them, or to him. 

People like Bert are influential out of all proportion to their financial or social position, and help set most of the fashion, style trends in the community. 

Larry Borsian,

Retired Business Owner


 Bert has excellent writing skills, is a sensitive player, and has a youthful demeanor.

He’s street wise and shares his opinions gracefully.

Barry Trudeau,

Retired Arborist


Bert connects well with others by making them feel comfortable and important. 

Larry “B” Bertram,

Author of Inspired Writings and

Inspirational Speaker


Bert is a wonderful creative writer.

He has a huge amount of flying experience, and it shows in his articles.

He’s a sincere and loving person who tells it like it is.

He Loves the Lord, and it shows in his interaction with others.

He’s a very kind, loving person, who loves to help others.

He’s very skilled in the areas of Flying and Psychology.

Sandy Skolnick,

Retired pilot, business owner


Bert is a fine individual, and cares about others before himself.

He has a zest for life by being creative and writing books and articles.

He’s always an asset in our group gatherings and fun to be around.

I always looked forward to flying with him as a crew member in my cockpit crew.  

He was always very professional.

Bill Kirschner,

TWA Captain (retired)



Phone: 415-320-9811

Service Description Estimated Investment
Article (industry specific) or advertorial with interviews (500-600 words) $500.00
Article (industry specific) or advertorial with interviews (600-1200 words) $700.00
Blog Post (depending on length) $100-$600/post
Brochure $600-$1,000/page
Case Study with interviews (1200-1500 words) $1,250.00
Emails (300-600 words) 1 to 5 $175.00 ea
Emails (300-600 words) 6+ series $150.00 ea
Direct-mail package, lead generation $1,500-$2500+
Direct-mail package — mail order $1,000-$5,000+
E-newsletter (500-1000 words) monthly $500.00
Email Autoresponders (Series) $100-$500/page
E-zine ad $175-$900/ad
Long Copy Sales Letter $2000-$4000
Marketing Strategy and Planning $100-$125/hour
Press Release (1-2 pages) $450.00
Social Media post and monitor/manage feeds (1-2 hours/day, 5 days a week) $1000/month
Telemarketing Script $300-$1500
Website — home page $750-$1,500
Website — other pages $600-$1,000/page
White Paper (Advertorial) $1,500-$5,000
Video script – per page/minute $350.00


*These fees are estimates and will vary depending on the number of words, frequency, or amount of research anticipated and whether or not formatting is desired.

After our Launch Call, I will be able to give you a better idea of the cost.



If I’ve received your contact information prior to you receiving this packet I’ll give you some time to review this, then I’ll follow-up with a phone call to you in 1 week to answer any questions you might have.

If you’d like to talk before then feel free to Contact me:

Bert Botta, Aviation Copywriter

Phone: (415) 320-9811 

 My website and blog:

 My Linkedin profile:




Google +: