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My last aircraft as a captain at Netjets was the Gulfstream G200.

What’s REALLY Important When you Hire a Copywriter?

Would you believe that Empathy is one of the most important traits that your copywriter should have?

My scores for Empathy, Live Interaction and Words were off the chart when I took a  personal “DNA Test” in Perry Marshall’s book, 80/20 Sales and Marketing.

The DNA Test in 80/20 Sales and Marketing defines Empathy this way:

Empathy is probably THE most important thing in copy-writing and marketing in general. People with high empathy have an almost psychic sense of what people want, aspire to, feel, experience, loathe and fear.

A bunch of MBA’s with no empathy is a totally “logical” proposition that nobody ever seems to buy into.”

How Can a “Maverick” Copywriter with High Empathy Skills Help Build Your Business? 

In today’s world, too many companies are addicted to and blinded by what I call “politically correct copy-writing.”

This kind of copy at best, puts your clients to sleep and at worst, alienates them so they go away and never come back.

You need a “maverick” copywriter, someone who’s not afraid to think and act “outside the envelope;” someone who knows your business through meticulous, comprehensive research, yet who combines a hard hitting, provocative, empathetic, engaging, fun, and compassionate style.

A rare combination indeed.

Let me explain.

I’m a ‘connector.’ I have a passion for starting groups.

I started a men’s group at my local health club. We get together every Wednesday morning to meet for an hour, talk about our lives and eat donuts and drink coffee.

It’s not as bad as it sounds.

One of the guys who started the group with me is 92 years old, looks, thinks and acts like he’s in his 60’s.

At one of the first meetings he said he eats donuts at least 3 times a week.

So I figured, if this guys lives into his 90’s, as sharp as he is, I think maybe, if I could handle a donut or two once a week, I would look like him!

After the group got underway and we started adding other men to the group, I decided to give each guy a nickname. (A habit left over from my old Navy days)

I decided to name myself Maverick, after Tom Cruise’s character, Pete Mitchell in the movie Top Gun.

This was because I always wanted to be a Navy jet fighter pilot but my eyesight kept me out of flight training. So I was always a wannabe fighter pilot, kind of Maverick-like.

And because I’m always coming up with new ways of looking at and doing things.

That’s thinking “outside the envelope.”

Your business could use a guy like me.

Give me a call at 415-320-9811 and take me up on my offer of a FREE 1/2 hour consultation and evaluation of your marketing message and sales tools.

Let’s brainstorm how we can improve the way you present your company to your customers, build a new revenue stream in the process and have some fun!

I’ll even buy you a coffee and a couple of donuts…

“Bert is a “Connector.”  He forms many, many more relationships than most people have either the inclination or the capacity for.

He stays in touch with them, and he is influential with them well beyond any material benefit to them, or to himself. 

People like him are influential out of all proportion to their financial or social position, and help set most of the fashion, style trends in the community. 

Larry Borsian, retired business owner and men’s group member”

Petaluma, CA

The Critical Need for Personal Connection in Today’s Business World

As a TWA Captain, I was known for my ability to connect with my flight crews and the quality of the CRM (Cockpit Resource Management) and personal “situational awareness” I demonstrated in my flying career.

As an instructor pilot my chief pilot knew I was also a licensed professional counselor with a private practice so he would often give me the “tough” cases, the pilots whose “checkitis” fears would flare up and cause them to flunk their check rides.

(“Checkitis” is when a pilot chokes up under the pressure of a check ride and is unable to satisfactorily pass the ride.)

Helping these pilots was often as simple as taking them out on a 2 or 3 day trip, helping them to relax, maybe talking over a beer together after a day’s flight; just helping them regain the confidence that they lost during their check ride.

Because of my “connect-ability,” your clients will feel cared for and well served by the experience we create for them; this is vastly important in the disconnected world we live in.

Your Business Will Profit From My
Ability to Establish Trust with Your Customers

The ability to connect with others is probably one of the least recognized and most underdeveloped essentials for most copywriters; yet it is one of the most valuable tools in a copywriter’s toolbox.

An additional benefit of this “connect-ability” will be your company’s increased good will, assuring return customers, and increasing business profits.

“Bert is the real deal when it comes to helping you with your copy. He gets the job done and is willing to work with you to fine tune it.

I highly recommend his services to anyone who wants to reel in buyers, with compelling copy!”  

Chuck Harmon, Amazon client

My Work Experience Relevant to Your Project

  • I’ve written product descriptions and marketing for many Amazon private label product clients. These pieces had to be attractive enough to significantly distinguish my clients’ products from thousands of other similar Amazon products and outsell them.
  • Designed, created, wrote copy for and marketed my own Amazon private label food product.
  • Many articles published in: InFlightUSA, Aviation International News, Airline Pilot Magazine and many other Worldwide Aviation and Training publications.

(Aviation International News and InFlightUSA sent me to NBAA 2015 to cover it for them because of my past work for them)

Here’s a recent article and copy-writing ad of mine that was published in InFlightUSA: http://bit.ly/1UFqINc

  • A best-selling book in the marketplace: http://www.FastLanetoFaith.com
  • Guest columnist for the St. Louis (MO) Suburban Journal
  • Columnist, Sedona (AZ) Times
  • Newsletter editor for: TWA Tailwinds (Airline Retirees Group), Taos, New Mexico Motorcycle club, Tamalpa Runners (Marin County), St. Louis TWA Pilots group.

You Get a Writer with a Unique, Global Perspective and Understanding of All Aspects of Airline and Corporate Aviation

My flying career has taken me to dozens of countries where I had the chance to observe, interact with and understand people from many different cultures.

For example, as part of a management contract that TWA had with Saudi Arabian airlines in the late 70’s, TWA sent me to Jeddah, Saudi Arabia on temporary assignment as an instructor pilot on Boeing 707 and 720’s.

The successful completion of this assignment depended on my ability to understand the Arab culture and mindset in order to gain my students’ trust and be able to clearly communicate complex aviation concepts to them.

You will get a unique combination of my global exposure and passion for creating written excitement that has given me insight into the many different ways that people think and act.

This experience brings a subtle, compassionate, yet powerfully convincing edge to my writing.

After you check out the other parts of my website, let’s talk and see what we can do to have some fun together while we build your business from “outside the envelope!”