An Aviation Copywriter Lists Ten Secrets of a Great FBO!

Ten Secrets That An FBO MUST DO To Keep Your Business!  It’s no secret that the greatest asset an FBO can have is its people. Its people are the front line that you, the customer, sees as you taxi onto the ramp, come in through the front door, or glide on in like the couple above! Here are some things to look for when you want your expensive jet, turboprop, J3 Cub, or anything that flies cared for by the people at the FBO as if it were their own. FBO’S are up against some incredibly stiff competition these days; fuel prices vary from day to day, large conglomerates take over smaller FBO’s (do you want a slightly cheaper fuel price at the cost of better, more personalized, loyal service?) and other challenges that the ‘average’ FBO succumbs to. Below are The Ten Secrets of a great FBO that will have you coming back time and again. (1) What can the FBO provide that the competition doesn’t? What do they do better? What’s your first impression of their service? How are you treated on the line, at the counter, when you’re in a hurry, or when you’re less than civil in your treatment of the FBO’s employees? (2) Do they have Competitive, Cooperative Fuel Programs? Such as Ascent, AVCARD, BaseOps, World Fuel Services, and points awarded to FlyBuys members? Do they accept payment from most major fuel programs and credit cards like Rockwell-Collins, Everest, UV Air, World Fuel, Colt and more? (3) Are they listed and up to date in publications like AC-U-KWIK, AOPA or AirNav? These publications give... read more