What Others Say About Bert

WOW! That is awesome Bert! I love it! 

Thank you so much for reconstructing my introduction without losing the essence of what I wanted to say. 

What you did reminded me of how a great music producer would take a songwriter’s demo of a song in the 60’s, 70’s and 80’s and turn it into a great record without losing the essence of the demo.

You are a talented writer!”

David Bryant – Professional Songwriter and Composer.


Bert is the real deal when it comes to helping you with your copy.

He gets the job done and is willing to work with you to fine tune it.

I highly recommend his services to anyone who wants to reel in buyers, with compelling copy!

 Chuck Harmon, Amazon client


Bert’s copywriting was creative, engaging and impactful to my clients.

I not only enjoyed my time working with him but the turnaround time was swift and the project was in finished form when I received it.

There was no need to rewrite the copy or “tweak” it further.

I would recommend Bert’s copywriting service to anyone who wants their message to be uniquely crafted, and who’s interested in their clients being motivated to take action as a result of reading his copy.”

Joy Tyson, Amazon client


Bert Botta is helping me so much with my product description. 

I was in need of a native English speaker for that and he was there in less than 20 minutes after my demand.

Thanks so much my friend.

Unbelievable Amazing Selling Machine Team!

Tim Rausch

Amazon Seller


Thank you for your very thoughtful and touching essay published in Aviation International News.

It had a very deep impact on me, something that doesn’t happen often.

Hats off to you.

Janice K Barden,

President, Aviation Personnel International



Although we have not had the opportunity to meet personally, I certainly connected with that magnificent article you authored on “Soul searching” AIN, November 2001.

I found the high points of your article right on the money…. Mentoring, connection, relatedness, and your recommendations for building aviator soul.

I’m looking forward to meeting you in person.

Les Bufferd


Bert, I just finished reading your article in AIN and wanted to tell you that it was appreciated by me.

It says a lot of things that my wife and I discuss as we go farther into this career/lifestyle.

I am 29 years old and fly Saab 340s for Mesaba airlines. I have been there almost one year. Prior to that, I was a flight instructor and a business professional before becoming a professional pilot.

Again, thanks for writing your piece.

Maybe one day I’ll see you on the road.

Terry R Rhew

FO Mesaba Airlines, SF340


Hey Bert:

I just read your article in AIN on page 38.

Absolutely Brilliant (as the Brits say).

We met in recurrent last year, if my memory serves correct??

Gold star for the very important thoughts put down on paper!

Keep up the good work…

Sam Flower


Bert has the unique ability to put his heart and soul into creating the exact language needed to effectively communicate to your audience with passion the who what and why you do what you do for a living. 

His approach is that’s it’s not just a job it’s a lifestyle and this will come across in your copy.

Brent Coffey,

Entrepreneur, Mobile App Designer, Novato, CA


Business Associates, Men’s Group Members

Bert has superb acuity skills and great people skills. He understands individuals strengths and weaknesses with insight into their abilities.

He has a great understanding of the mechanics of how and why things work.

He has a tremendous ability to encourage, lead and teach others.

John Rucker

Construction Company owner,

Novato, CA


 Bert has an honest and open heart. He has deep emotional literacy.

He also has access to his soul and he’s willing to share it with others.

When working with others, he provides a safe environment and has good accountability.

Rick Broniec, Leadership Trainer

San Diego, CA


Bert is what Malcom Gladwell calls “A Connector.”

He forms many, many more relationships than most people have either the inclination or the capacity for. 

He stays in touch with them, and is influential with them well beyond any material benefit to them, or to him. 

People like Bert are influential out of all proportion to their financial or social position, and help set most of the fashion, style trends in the community. 

Larry Borsian

Retired Business Owner, Men’s group member


Bert has excellent writing skills, is a sensitive player, and has a youthful demeanor.

He’s street wise and shares his opinions gracefully.

Barry Trudeau

Retired Arborist


Bert connects well with others by making them feel comfortable and important. 

Larry “B” Bertram

Author of Inspired Writings and

Inspirational Speaker


Bert is a wonderful, creative writer.

He has a huge amount of flying experience, and it shows in his articles.

He’s a sincere and loving person who tells it like it is.

He Loves the Lord, and it shows in his interaction with others.

He’s a very kind, loving person, who loves to help others.

He’s very educated in the areas of Flying and Psychology.

Sandy Skolnick

Retired pilot, business owner


Bert is a fine individual, and cares about others before himself.

He has a zest for life by being creative and writing books and articles.

He’s always an asset in our group gatherings and fun to be around.

I always looked forward to flying with him as a crew member in my cockpit crew.  

He was always very professional.

Bill Kirschner,

TWA Captain (retired)